Just in time for Ramadan: nail bomb explodes just an hour after funeral of Lee Rigby in UK

The Muslim Issue

The article doesn’t mention it, but rest assure this is another muslim-staged crime. As usual, not a single muslim was injured. It fits into Ramadan very well, which is currently ongoing, since Ramadan is a celebration the purification to prepare martyrs for jihad against the kafir. Because Ramadan is celebrating the intention for war, the incident of attacks, suicide bombs, mosques being destroyed, wars and other forms of violence escalate during Ramadan season.
Note how this article brings up the MUSLIM CREATED homemade bomb on June 22 at Aisha Mosque in Walsall, England, when a 75-year-old man had been arrested. Guess who that 75-year old man was? A SOMALI MUSLIM. Don’t forget who posted assurance before anyone had been found for the crime, that these so called hate-crimes were all fake and staged by muslims themselves: TheMuslimIssue.
This too smells like a muslim-staged crime. The nails, the safety of other…

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