The World Is Under Attack By Radical Islam, ‘The Truth Cannot Be Denied’

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dominateworld2bBy Rachel Molschky, Cherson and Molschky – “Muslims are attacking Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and any other non-Muslims or fellow Muslims from different denominations around the world. In just the past few days, there have been several incidents where militant Muslim groups have killed innocent civilians for not sharing their beliefs.

On July 6, militants from Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria, stormed a secondary school. They began shooting the students and burning them alive in their dormitory. It happened just before dawn while the children were still sleeping. Initial reports counted 29 dead children and one adult, however, altogether 42 bodies were found, many charred beyond recognition.

Boko Haram is against what they perceive to be a Western-style education. Since 2010, they and other similar and affiliate groups have killed around 1600 civilians in suicide bombings and attacks like this one.  They’ve attacked schools, healthcare workers administering vaccinations…

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