Exposed: The Final Conversation Between Islamist President Morsi And The Egyptian Military

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Islamist President Mohammed Morsi vowed to “make it war” and only cared about himself and the Islamist agenda. But then again, that’s the attitude that he and the Muslim Brotherhood have always had from the very beginning

By Raymond Ibrahim, Frontpage Mag – “On July 5, El Watan (‘the nation’), one of Egypt’s most popular newspapers, published the final dialogue between General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Dr. Muhammad Morsi, which took place on Tuesday July 2, a few hours before Morsi’s final speech to the Egyptian people.  A reporter who was taken to an adjacent room was allowed to witness and transcribe their conversation from a TV screen.  I translate the entire speech as it appears on El Watan below:

Exchange Between Morsi and Sisi

Morsi: What’s the military’s position concerning what’s going on?  Is it just going to stand by watching?  Shouldn’t it protect the legitimacy?

Sisi: What…

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