What the Koran says.

The Koran instructs Muslims to take the women of infidels as your slaves and kill the Kufars. The Koran also tells us that Mohammad’s favourite wife was a girl aged 6 called Ayesha. Can we then be so surprised that Muslims are grooming young British girls or killing British people like Lee Rigby on our streets. Islam is a religion of hate – Muslims only respect other Muslims. You only need to look at the Budha’s that have been destroyed by Muslims and the Pharaohs defaced in Eqypt by Muslims. Islam has caused more wars and fighting than any other religion. Sikhs were killed by Muslims in India.

Most Mosques in the UK and USA are financed by Saudi Arabia and their militant style of Islam is the worse. We don’t want Sharia law in the UK but our leaders have allowed Sharia courts to spring up.

Children in Mosques are brainwashed they are made to rock back and forth whilst reciting the Koran – chanting kill the Kufars. The traitors who have allowed Mosques in the UK need to be strung up for treason. Saudi Arabia won’t even let Christians visit Mecca and burns any Bible brought into the country. Do you think Saudi Arabia would allow me to build a Christian Church or a pub or a have a pig farm. So why are we allowing Muslims to ethnically clean areas in the UK of pubs and Churches by allowing them to turn them into Mosques?

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