Friend of #Woolwich beheader blames the West although Islam is responsible for 95% of all conflicts around the world for 14 centuries

The Muslim Issue

Not even one sign of remorse from the ‘friend’ of ‘Michael’ Adebolajo, who tried to cut the head off a completely innocent person. Yet Muslims want ‘sympathy’ for their self-created situation across the Middle East! A more delusional and sick people is hard to come by. Muslims have been at war continuously for 1400 years. They have never even had a pocket of peace in all those centuries when they have NOT been engaged in wars.

Muslims always blame the recent Iraq and Afghanistan wars for their aggression, and use it as a tool to force themselves on non-Muslims. Russia warned about this and warned Europe and the U.S. to not allow Muslim asylum seekers or immigrants. No one listened to Russia. Fact is that Muslims are terrorising people across the world who have NEVER started any conflict against Muslim nations at all and have never been involved in wars in…

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