Birmingham Residents Halt Mosque Car Park Bid On Land Council Sold For £1

Kafir Crusaders

In today’s Britain its not often you hear of victory for campaigners who fought to stop vacant land being turned into a mosque,its car park or anything else Islamic. Local authorities are that keen to appease the Muslims usually planning permission is granted regardless of the number of objections. So when these residents in Birmingham managed to halt their inner city village green being turned into a mosque car park its good to hear. Though the edge is taken off their success when the full story emerges. The local Labour Party dominated council sold the land in question to the mosque for £1. Given today’s land prices its absurd that the council sold it them for the price of a bottle of coke. Questions need asking the council as to why when householders are paying thousands in council tax per year for services that are constantly being reduced as to why…

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