A broken welfare system.

A JOBLESS mother sparked new outrage last night as she and her 11 children got ready to move to a £500,000 home funded by the taxpayer.
Shameless Heather Frost kicked up such a fuss about her “nightmare” living arrangements that she was gifted the custom-built six-bedroom hou.
The idyllic rural home which would cost hard-working families at least £1,500 a month to rent.

Benefit scrounger Frost’s eco-mansion was designed to reduce energy and water consumption and let in as much natural light as possible.

A 1,850 sq ft modern, det­ached property that millions can only dream of occupying, it has three bathrooms, a large open plan kitchen-diner and two lounges with French windows.

Outside there is plenty of room for her nine daughters and two sons in an enormous garden backing on to open farmland in Gloucestershire. Tewkesbury Borough Council solved Frost’s housing “crisis” by selling a plot of land to Severn Vale Housing Society on condition it built a six-bedroom home to meet her exacting needs.

But news she is just weeks away from picking up the keys to her ­ luxury home has angered hard-working locals.

Sandi Ayres, who signed a petition to keep Frost in her current three-bedroom council home, said: “What’s wrong with the property she was in? I cannot afford to have a child let alone 11. Why should taxpayers pay for their kids and homes? Life is hard enough.”

Jim Morrison, who lives near Frost’s new home, said: “I can’t believe she’s had the gall to go ahead with it – but that just shows how unfair the Government is towards people who work hard.”

Frost, 37, first fell pregnant at the age of 14 to a 23-year-old boyfriend. She had her second child, Toby, with a different father when she was 17.

Why was her boyfriend not prosecuted for having sex with a minor?


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