How Islam treats women.

Most folk know that Islam is dangerous, but have no clue as to its true horror. This email focuses on the way Islam treats women, but some background information would help to understand more fully the information below.


Islam can be summed up very easily: 1,500 years, a mad, perverted, brutal murderer started, as he claims, to receive messages from God whilst living in a squalid cave.


Driven crazy by his own delusions, he formed his own gang of blood-stained criminals and set about conquering the Arabian Peninsula and engaging in acts of cruel genocide.


By the time of his death, Muhammad had bludgeoned the Middle East into submission utilising extreme violence.


He had forced his own delusions, whims and fancies onto the tribes of the Middle East, and had crafted a new religion of intolerance, perversion, squalor and atrocity, and now it flourishes, here, in Britain, in our green and pleasant land!


This is the ‘BATTLE OF BRITAIN’ for our generation!


Islam is based EXLUSIVELY, and totally around the fake prophet called Muhammad.


His mutterings, his bigotry, his lust, his desires, his lifestyle, form the basis of every branch of Islam.


Islam, differing from other religions, is more of a cult of a single man.


Muhammad treated women with total contempt and considered them no more than slaves and went to great lengths to satisfy his own sexual lust.


Britain FirstThe Koran itself is responsible for cruelty toward Muslim women, both young and old.


The Koran likens a woman to a “field”, to be used by a Muslim man as he sees fit.


The Koran states quite clearly: “Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like.”


This contemptuous attitude towards women is, coupled with Islam’s hostility towards non-believers, the origin of the Muslim grooming gangs problem that is ravaging Britain right now.


Muhammad described women as, direct quote, “deficient” in intelligence and in religion, and this attitude towards the female gender shapes Islam’s relations with women.


Muhammad’s sexual appetite was legendary – Islamic scholars freely admit says Muhammad slept with his 11 wives in a single night.


Most scholars agree that Muhammad had 9 wives at the time of his death.


Ask yourself right now: Do you want this Islamic hellish future for your daughters, grand-daughters, sisters or wives?


It WILL happen, it is only a matter of time before the numbers of Muslims overwhelm us in our own country, and then our beloved womenfolk will be crushed under the Sharia sledgehammer of slavery.


This is why we urgently need to roll out our latest campaign, exposing the truth about how women are treated under Islam, because this is a core issue that, in the future, will affect all women in this country, and we intend to scream the truth from the rooftops!




Phase 1:


We will produce a full-colour, well designed brochure, ‘Islam and Women: The Ugly Truth!’ and we will dispatch it to every MP, MSP, MLA, and AM as well as every member of the House of Lords and also many registered journalists!


Of course we know most of the people will try to suppress our publication but in reality we’re only priming the fuses for our main attack, which will be..


Phase 2:


The Direct mailing of our hard hitting publication to thousands of homes throughout the country! As you know, the media and the ‘Powers That Be’ have done a damned good job of silencing anyone who would dare tell the truth. For years they even succeeded in stifling our message. Well no more.


Your past generosity has helped us to buy machinery that allows us to process and mail tens of thousands of letters per day. Our enemies laughed when we bought this machinery…They’re not laughing now!


Leaders of the Muslim community will be specifically targeted right across the country!


Britain FirstOur strategy is to mail out, direct from our headquarters, using our own equipment, our hard hitting brochures to each key town and city where the grooming of young English girls by Muslim paedophiles is a problem.


By specifically targeting these areas and ESPECIALLY the Muslim community leaders, we will ensure that our message will cause an almighty uproar, and rightly so!


We will also make sure that all local councillors, officials and local journalists in the target areas receive our hard-hitting dossier.


Can you imagine the uproar this will cause!


Our organisation has the ability to go to the people directly: This will cause panic amongst the liberal ‘elite’ as well as enlightening many that have been spoon-fed lies for years.


This strategic campaign will, without doubt, be one of the largest direct-action campaigns exposing Islam undertaken by any patriotic movement in this country.


Britain FirstWe have the equipment, we have the skilled people, and we have the expertise, now we need YOUR input!


Now we need you to lend your financial support to this campaign by giving as generously as you possibly can.


We now have all the hardware we need to launch a huge truth offensive against the enemies of our people.


But we need the funds to do it.




£3,000 – to print and distribute an initial run of 40,000 ‘Islam and Women: The Ugly Truth!’ brochures. The research has already been done in house by our marvellous volunteers and the brochure is ready to be sent to the printers.


£2,500 – for postage. This is a lot of money but it’s by far the best way to reach the carefully selected target audience we have chosen, as well as the key decision makers in the Muslim community.


The cost is kept to a minimum because all of our people are volunteers who will give their time and expertise to make this campaign the biggest and most worrying ever to hit the Political Establishment in years!


That is why it is absolutely vital that you lend your support to the ‘Islam and Women: The Ugly Truth!’ initiative.


Anti-white, anti-British sexual violence and bigotry must be challenged, exposed and defeated. That task starts now!


All this is possible if we raise the £5,500 to fund the campaign…


Britain First’s ‘Islam and Women: The Ugly Truth!’ initiative will also send a clear message to the arrogant Islamists that our day is now dawning, and their time is coming to an end! They shall not rob US of OUR country without one hell of a fight! Are you with me on this?


Britain FirstIt would be fantastic if a staunch patriot could come forward and pay for everything, but in today‘s very harsh financial climate we must be realistic and ask all our supporters to lend a helping hand.


If just ten British heroes gave a marvellous £550 each we could start the work tomorrow, or if 25 supporters gave a personal gift of £220 our problem would be solved.


Even if we had 50 generous people pledging £110 or 100 people giving a gift of £55 each, then this full frontal attack could be launched against the Islamic Cancer in this Country!


Dear friend, can you possibly make this happen? Can I tell our printers to proceed?


It’s a very daunting thought but the fact is that the future safety, prosperity and happiness of our loved ones and our nation is, quite literally, in our OWN hands.


The time to make our stand has passed, it’s time we challenged the enemies of our country and people head on, and I am asking you to help me do just that!


It is ABSOLUTLY VITAL that you give your full and most generous support to this project right now, today if possible.


Please click here to send a donation, today:


Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First


Britain First


Britain First
Joined yet? Call 0208 914 8212 TODAY!
Britain First


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