UK: Highest number of Muslim inmates ever currently in British prisons

The Muslim Issue

muslim_foodBritain First:  The number of Muslims in prisons in England and Wales has increased more than threefold since 1997.

For the first time there are now more than 11,000 Muslim inmates – 11,278 for 2012.

In 1997 this stood at 3,681, showing a massive increase in Muslim inmates in just the space of 15 years.

Some institutions have populations which are over 1/3rd Muslim, including Feltham Young Offenders Institution where there are so many Muslims a gym is also used for Muslim prayers as the mosque cannot accommodate them all.

muslim_prisonersVarious reasons are given for the surge in Muslim inmates, now one in seven of the prison population in England and Wales – they’re certainly over-represented when it comes to getting locked up.

Of course it would be racist (or, more correctly, Islamophobic since Islam is not a race despite officialdom attempting to portray it as one) to suggest that…

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