False hope Ukip

False hope Ukip 

“The reality of Ukip – just another bunch of phoney PC Tories. It’s no wonder the BBC promote Nigel Farage.”

What else would expect from a Thatcherite Tory?    

That’s Nick Griffin’s take on the latest news headlines surrounding Ukip and it’s leader, Nigel Farage.

It has been reported this week that Nigel Farage set up an off-shore tax avoidance account, despite being vocally ‘against’ such activities!

Farage admits to setting up the Farage Family Educational Trust 1654 in the tax haven of Isle of Man – which he then intended to channel funds through.

Tax expert Richard Murph said:

“There are only two good reasons to set up an Isle of Man trust.
One is secrecy – you don’t want someone to know what is in there.
The other is tax avoidance. And sometimes, of course, they go together.”

Further to this, while Farage and the BBC still portray Ukip as speaking for millions of ordinary Britons over immigration and threats to our traditional Christian culture and identity, a boastful posting on their internal party blog provides further powerful evidence of just how Politically Correct and pro-Islamist they really are.

Dismissing parents’ fears over a proposed visit to a mosque as “garbage”, the accompanying picture posted on a UKIP blog speaks volumes, because mosques of this size in Britain are inevitably built, maintained and run overwhelmingly with money from Saudi Arabia and other hardcore Wahhabi oil states.

The Saudi Wahhabi agenda is clear: to spread their hate-filled fundamentalist brand of Islam over the whole world in every way possible, first through subversion and later by force.

Ukip is of course a party whose existence is encouraged by the Establishment, as it serves as a harmless outlet for all those who would otherwise – and rightly – be members and activists for the British National Party.

Which is why it is more important than ever to be on the forefront of the fight for our Country – as the public realise that Ukip are ‘just like all the other mainstream political parties’, we must ensure that we are able and ready to welcome them into our fold.

Your donation will help ensure that the BNP message is spread far and wide – that our activists have the best literature possible to distribute, that our website remains high in the UK web-ranking (we are still the top ranking political party in the UK – our closest rival is Ukip, and even they are a massive 3,982 places below us!)

So you see, the BNP really are the ONLY nationalist game in town, and that’s where we plan to stay – with your help and support!

I know that we can count on you.

Yours sincerely,

Charlie Wythe
BNP Head of Publicity

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