Social Housing

Most girls I know in the area I live get themselves pregnant so they are given a free council flat. The fact that they are given flats is breaking down the tradition of marriage. I also know several males who have obtained council flats by saying they are homeless or borrowing children from ex-wives. The whole council homes points system is wrong. Homeless people can live in bedsits and single mums put into hostels. Points should be awarded for working and paying tax and being married. When I go down to my local shops which is near council flats the youths from these flats hang about smoking dope. Councils have a responsibility to kick out of their homes those engaging in illegal activities. The Police no longer see smoking Skunk as a crime yet it is a gateway drug to Heroin and Speed.

Most crimes are caused due to drug use. Most people I know in Council flats all have one thing in common – they don’t work and just play computer games all day. The social security system should not be paying their full rents. Also why should economic migrants from Africa be given any welfare – international law requires refugees to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter. The UK has become the place these refugees want to get to because we give them so much. They should all be sent straight back to Africa.


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