UK: Muslim Man Beheads 20 Year-Old Woman, Assaults Five Others In Sheffield

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He apparently beheaded a Muslim woman. If media “reports” are any indication, it had absolutely nothing to do with Islam, of course. Although no reason was mentioned in the article below, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is yet another example of a woman paying the ultimiate price for somehow dishonoring the family, or was simply a Muslim woman acting too Western, or both. And that would have been insulting to the “prophet” …

By ANNA EDWARDS, Mail Online – “A 20-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of a young woman who was beheaded in a knife attack.

Aras Hussein appeared at Sheffield Magistrates’ Court today accused of murdering Reema Ramzan, 18.

Miss Ramzan, who was from the Darnall area of Sheffield, died on June 4 following an incident at a property on Herries Road, in the city.

Detectives said she suffered a severe knife attack…

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