Adios Afghanistan! (And Good Luck.)


By today, 06/18/13, NATO, (it includes the US) has supposedly transferred all security functions in Afghanistan to Afghans. (Little Georgia, though not a NATO member is there too.)

I smell a monumental act of collective self-delusion here. We are tired of the war; the NATO allies are even more tired. The fatigue makes us so unclear in our minds that we have lost track of the obvious. Here it is:

We invaded the country ten years ago because the criminals in power there would not turn over to use the criminals who had assassinated 3,000 Americans (and others) in our biggest city. The criminal Taliban could have avoided the war and the subsequent occupation by delivering Bin Laden and his accomplices to us, or even to some international organization. They made their choice.

It was a punitive expedition in the form of intervention an ongoing civil war. The US had…

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