The cost of Asylum.

BRITAIN’S SHAMBOLIC asylum system set taxpayers back more than £1.5million a day last year.
The Home Office had to fork out £583million on 37,000 asylum claims.
The money went on housing, cash support, legal bills and paperwork.

But the total does not include asylum seekers’ legal aid bills, the cash spent on them by councils or the cost of a backlog of hundreds of thousands of other migration cases.

Campaigners yesterday condemned the huge cost of would-be refugees – roughly £14,500 per case.

Matthew Sinclair of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “The best way to reduce the cost of the asylum system is to ensure decisions are made swiftly and fairly.

Sadly, the UK Border Agency is responsible for a backlog of cases bogged down in bureaucracy. This costs taxpayers a fortune and leads to some cases being successful just because of the delays.

“For too long the burden and pernicious effect of this backlog, combined with EU legislation, has been allowed to mount.”

Euro MP Gerard Batten, Ukip’s Home Affairs spokesman, said: “Half a billion pounds is an extraordinary amount.

“This cost is only going to mount further because the EU is laying down more laws to strengthen rules for us to follow and grant sanctuary to ever growing numbers.


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