The EU – school of Frankfurt agenda shows no stopping.

A EUROPEAN UNION handbook setting out migrants’ rights to benefits, asylum and avoiding deportation was last night condemned as a “disgrace”.The taxpayer-funded document – free on the internet – was published yesterday as the “first comprehensive guide” to border and immigration rules across the EU.

It details the rights of asylum seekers and other migrants to enter and settle in EU nations including Britain and how to go about launching legal action against removal attempts by national authorities.

In a list of examples of past cases, it even cites Islamist cleric Abu Qatada’s successful ­challenge under human rights laws against Home Office attempts to send him back to ­Jordan to face terror charges.

Tim Aker, of the anti-Brussels campaign group Get Britain Out, said: “This booklet is a disgrace. We are facing cuts and yet the EU gives EU migrants a handbook on how to settle in the UK and claim from the welfare state according to human rights and EU legislation. It’s not on.

“Obviously this will encourage more uncontrolled migration to the UK and inflate the numbers we can expect from Bulgaria and Romania next year. The only way to regain control of our national borders and control immigration is to leave the EU as soon as we can.”


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