Fears Of Muslim Grooming In Lancashire Shisha Bars

Kafir Crusaders

I received a message from a concerned visitor regarding the local councils fears that Muslim run Shisha bars in Blackburn and Darwen are being to groom schoolgirls in the same way as Muslim takeaways and restaurants have been lately. Something of a worry is that these places are locking the doors to break the smoking laws without anybody walking in and busting them. With girls as young as 13 being found in the shisha bars in the company of much older Muslim males i fear its a Muslim sex abuse scandal just waiting to happen here.

Shisha bars must be regulated to prevent grooming, council says

Man smoking shisha pipePolice removed 13-year-olds from Shisha bars, the council said

Shisha bars must be better regulated to protect young people from potentially being groomed by paedophiles, a Lancashire council has said.

Children as young as 13 have been removed from some shisha bars in raids…

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