What does Right wing really mean?

The BNP are called a right wing party and also the EDL are described as right wing. Yet the EDL have members of all faiths and colours. The most right wing party in the the UK are UKIP and then we have the conservatives to the left of this and the BNP to the left of the Conservatives. The Labour party try to be a center party but care more about dole freeloaders. The most communist – lefty party in the UK are the Greens.

UKIP believe that for every Englishman who leaves the UK they should let in another foreigner. What the BNP believes is scrapping foreign aid and using the money to pay Militant Jihadist’s so they can emigrate to country’s that have Sharia law to stop their demands that we should all live under the Sharia. We can only have one system of law in the UK we should never have allowed Sharia courts.


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