Racial Tensions In A Multicultural Eden

The Political Idealist

Condemnation of the terrorist attack on soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich on Wednesday has been strong and universal in Britain and around the world. Other than echoing the disgust that a soldier was so brutally executed in such a mediaeval style on British soil, and the admiration we all have for passers by who attempted to intervene, I have little to say on the Woolwich incident that hasn’t been expressed a thousand times over. Instead, I want to examine parallels this has with the topic that inspired the headline of this article: the riots in Stockholm.

Did you know that there are racial tensions in Sweden, of all places? The very centre of liberal social democracy, the model for a socially just and egalitarian society, and a nation with a flourishing far-right party, the Sweden Democrats.

As in London in 2011, the trigger of the riots was the police shooting…

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