If you haven’t already signed the petition to demand a Referendum NOW on EU

Oi Cameron! Give us our Referendum 

It’s costing us a staggering £50million a day!

We don’t want it, and we can’t afford it!

==> Sign the petition now <==

Our laws are made in Brussels instead of London and we have lost our right to self-rule and control of our own country.

Everyone wants out, but David Cameron doesn’t care.

Q: When does Cameron and the political elite listen to the British people?

A: When the BNP take up the cause and wins support from the British people for speaking out.

That’s why I’m leading the campaign for a Referendum NOW on leaving the EU.

If you haven’t already signed the petition to demand a Referendum NOW on EU membership, sign the online petition here.

When we gather 10,000 signatures, I will personally deliver the petition to 10 Downing St to tell Cameron that we, the British people, demand the Referendum on leaving the EU that he promised us (then denied us) NOW.

Make sure you share this email on your Facebook and Twitter pages and we can reach our target in half the time.

It’s so easy to spread the word…

Simply click the Facebook or Twitter icon at the very top of this email (see the image on the right) and follow the instructions.

Forward this email and link onto everyone in your address book too, and let’s get this petition going viral.

You can also view and download Nick’s Our of the EU leaflet online here.

It’s a great piece of anti-EU literature, and the great news is our campaign to leave the EU is funded and for paid for by the EU itself – I’m sure you’ll agree that I couldn’t spend my allotted EU funds on a more worthy cause!

Leaving the EU really is the great issue of our times, especially given that this week, during a visit to Bucharest, Commons Speaker and leading Conservative, John Bercow, praised the mass immigration agenda of the political class, the “important wave of immigrants” that have been brought to Britain in recent years, and their work ethic in undercutting British workers.

We have a lot to do in order to run these swine out of Westminster and clean out the rotten Establishment… but let’s be clear… getting out of Europe is the VERY FIRST thing we must do, because until we do, Britain has NO CONTROL over her borders, economy or legal system.

Only when we leave the EU will we, the British people, regain control of our own destiny, our right to self-rule and restore our treasured British freedoms outlined in Magnacarta.

If you are not already a valued member of the British Resistance, join us today online here from as little as £2.50.

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. Are you on Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn or MySpace? Have you signed up for our new BNP Online Activist app yet? Sign up here today to start spreading the BNP message of Hope and start earning points for prizes.


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