Why do some live and some die?

Why do some live and some die? Evolution by natural selection. Every now and again DNA mutates. Animals are born with bigger eyes and can find their food quicker and hence grow stronger. The weaker animals will die. And the strong genes passed to a new generation. Originally on the earth their was just one continent this broke apart and animals island hopped. This is why birds of paradise look different on various island found in the Asian archipelagos. The Darwin – Wallace theory of origin of the species was published. Wallace sent his notes to Darwin who took all the credit for the idea of Evolution and Natural selection. These finding go against the notion of God because if God created all the animals then they would look the same where ever you would find them on our planet.

DNA was sequenced in Northampton where I live. By studying males who have lived in the same location as their Grandads we have learned a lot about the UK. Those on the Shetlands, Hebrides, Isle of Man and Dublin have Norwegian Viking markers. A mouse is found on the Shetlands that is only found in France showing the Franks traveled up the coast. Where I come from the Danish vikings called York in Yorkshire Yorvik but the Danes where put to death by the Anglo-Saxons. England was conquered by the French speaking Normans in 1066 who came from France but originally from Scandinavia In Wales, Cornwall and Brittany people have Celtic DNA – these people fled from the Anglo-Saxons. Originally England was connected to Spain so some English people have DNA that originates from the Basque area of Spain. Animals on Islands also evolve quicker due to the unique environment. The Anglo-Saxon’s are a generic term for the Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Frisians and Vermi. These people came from Holland, Germany and Denmark. Anglo-Saxons fought each other for control of England – some still worshiped the pagan God of Woden and others became Christians. Anglo Saxon history is thus biased because it was first written by the monks – the venerable Bede in Northumberland wrote about the Saxons in the North. Yet the biggest Anglo-Saxon Kingdom was Mercia but these were Pagans. The Roman s and Normans built in stone but the Saxons in wood – so not much remains of Anglo-Saxon buildings thus it is called the Dark ages because we know so little about their history. We do know that their Jewellery was made of twisted gold wires with garnets glued on with a honeycomb piece of gold leaf behind to act as reflectors. Where did this gold and garnet stones come from? A few Anglo-Saxon churches still remain in England but most of the monastery’s were destroyed during the reformation when England became a Protestant country.

Now England is being changed forever due to being a member of the EU and all the foreigners coming here plus the Labour party opened up the doors to immigration for Gerrymandering reasons.

The Dane Law line passes through Northampton and people North of this line still have different accents to those in the south.


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