There is no doubt Syria’s government has used sarin

There is no doubt Syria‘s government has used sarin during the country’s crisis, says France’s foreign minister.

Laurent Fabius said lab tests in Paris confirmed numerous uses of the nerve agent, adding that those who resort to chemical weapons must be punished.

But he did not specify where or when the agent had been deployed; the White House has said more proof was needed.

Earlier, the UN said there were “reasonable grounds” to believe chemical weapons had been used.

In a new report, the UN commission of inquiry on Syria also urged foreign powers not to increase the availability of arms in Syria.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon described the atrocities listed in the report – which details evidence of fresh suspected massacres, sieges and violations of children’s rights – as “sickening and staggering”, said his spokesman.

Children have been taken hostage, forced to watch torture and even participate in beheadings, says the report.


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