DDOS attack on Britain First website

Fellow patriot,

Last week we issued a public declaration to carry out a ‘citizen’s arrest’ on the man who inspired both of the Woolwich terrorists who butchered Lee Rigby.

This was carried by the Sun and Daily Mail newspapers in massive two page spreads!

We gave the police up until 6pm on Wed to arrest him or we would!

At 2pm on Wednesday the metropolitan police swooped in and removed him and his entire clan and took them into ‘protective custody’ (pictured below right).

Can you believe that?

Anyway, our actions have at least removed this venomous creature from our streets for now and he is now cowering in fear hiding from our righteous anger…..RESULT!

However, following this we suffered a massive DDOS (dedicated denial of service) attack which has taken our very effective website down – we are working hard to get it back up but it is a major attack on us.

Britain FirstThis week ordinary people have been spurred into action and via our campaigns we have clocked up some remarkable victories.

Firstly, we engineered a campaign victory in Radstock, South West England, where the flag of St. George was banned by the Labour Partythanks to YOUR complaints, this decision was reversed…..RESULT!

Then we had the news, today, that the proposal by a housing association in the North West to force a local patriot to remove an English flag from his door has been dropped thanks to thousands of Britain First supporters sending an avalanche of complaints…..RESULT!

These are campaign victories that have dealt a blow to the forces of political correctness and made our country a better place.

It was all done by YOU….thank you.

Britain First is on the rise, but our recent burgeoning of support and our numerous victories have drawn the attention of some unsavourily cyber criminals.

Unfortunately, these cyber warriors have subjected our popular website to a DDOS (dedicated denial of service) attack that crashed our server outright.

We are now working around the clock to tighten up on security and to get our website back online!

Please be patient, as we are trying our best to get it back online.

In the meantime, please visit our popular Facebook page to keep updated on events.

Britain FirstOver the last week, our Facebook page has been viewed in some way or other by around 7million people – yes, you did read that right, and we have over 470,000 talking about the campaigns right now, can you imagine it!

Now you know why they are desperate to shut us down: our ‘coverage’ is far greater than that of the BNP or EDL and that’s exactly why they are desperately trying to shut us down now we are making serious headway.

We need YOUR help right now to re-direct everyone onto facebook until our website is up again, so please spread the word and share this email.

We also need funds to move our web operation to a dedicated and ultra-secure server and to pay the IT professionals who are working through the night on our website.

To enable us to tighten up on our online security and help us to get our website back online please, if you can, make a secure donation right away, we really do need your help at this time.

Simply click on the following link:


In the meantime, please keep updated by visiting our Facebook page and let your friends and contacts know what has happened:


Together we shall overcome, we will never bow to intimidation or threats, not now, not ever!

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First

Britain First
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