“We will beat terrorism… By ignoring it!”

We Offensive UK

It’s just excuses, excuses…

It’s a bad state of affairs when a British soldier gets murdered in the middle of the street and people are more concerned about a small group of EDL members shouting at the police.

Then we get to listen to David Cameron and Boris Johnson making excuses like “This is a betrayal of Islam” and “The best way to defeat terrorism is to go about our normal lives”.

But oh, that’s right. The Prime Minister was relaxing in Ibiza with his wife as it all happened. Well at-least he had time to make up yet another pathetic excuse. Grow some balls…

anjemchoudaryBut that still wasn’t enough to fully annoy the British so BBC and Channel 4 invited extremist Anjem Choudary along to broadcast what he thought about the attack on live television.

And of course, Anjem Choudary wouldn’t have had anything bad to say as he…

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