(Video) Myanmar Buddhist Monk: Saudi Arabia is responsible for Muslim jihad against Rakhine Buddhists

The Muslim Issue

Remember the rules of the game: while Muslims slaughter, attack, invade and force their ugly fascist ideology on innocent people – they are always the victims. Be it in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, Israel, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Israel, Chechnya, Kosovo, etc. etc. the scenario is always the same. There never exist any responsibility or consciousness for personal conduct within the Muslim community. Islam is an ideology based on hatred for ‘the other’. And who is ‘the other’? It’s the kafir, the non-Muslim. There exist no moral code, no ethical code, no personal responsibility except to violate themselves on ‘the other’, the enemy, which is always the non-Muslims.

In this video posted by a mmediatube, describing these poor Buddhist monks as “racist extremist terrorist monk” who are relentlessly subject to another Islamic social engineering project identical to the early formation of present day Palestine, which was also created through…

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