How are the EDL racist?

islam is a religion not a race

We Offensive UK

Racism has to be one the most overused words in history and, funnily enough, it seems that people have forgotten the very meaning of it. So here you go:






Now, seeing as Islam is a religion and not a race. Why are people still labelling the English Defence League as ‘a bunch of racists’ while making themselves look like idiots in the process?

If the EDL are just a bunch of drunken football hooligans then I’d have thought that the Sikh community would be the first to tell them to piss off. Instead, they joined together in protest.

2205_1739One of the first things we were reminded of after the murder of soldier Lee Rigby (RIP) was that the killer, Michael Adebolajo ‘does not represent Islam’. Well, if that’s the case then drunken football hooligans do not represent the EDL either.

We’ve heard Tommy Robinson…

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