Get rid of the hate preachers

Join our ‘Hate Preachers Out’ march
Justice for Lee Rigby 

Trust the British National Party to force the ConDem Government coalition to act against Islamic Hate Preachers.

After the horrific murder in Woolwich the British public demand stern and decisive action against the enemy within.

==> View leaflet here <==

The BNP demand that those who preach violence and hatred against our people and values are silenced and removed from our land with immediate effect!

That’s why I will be leading a demonstration in Woolwich this Saturday.

I will be in Woolwich at 13.00 hrs at the junction between Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane, opposite the Barracks – view map here.

Will you stand with me against the Islamic haters and extremists?

Will you help me bring pressure to bear on the Establishment to take action against them?

I intend to lead a march and motorcade from the barracks which will terminate at the Lewisham Islamic Centre.

The centre is said to have had one of the suspected murderers amongst its congregation.

The centre also supplies martial arts training to Muslim ‘brothers’
and ‘sisters’.

The martial arts style taught at the centre can include weapons training with knives like those used in the Woolwich murder.

The BNP are marching to demand that the political class take action and kick Muslim Hate Preachers Out of Britain NOW!

Here is what I want you to do:

• Plan to attend and ask your friends to come with you.

• Car share or pick up people on your route – the postcode
  for your SatNav is SE18 6XN.

• Download and print the Hate Preachers Out leaflet here.

• Tell people that you are attending on our
‘Hate Preachers Out’ Event Page and send
  out invitations to likeminded friends from that page.

Sign up and become an official BNP Online Activist now and start
  spreading the word and earning points to win prizes. 

• BNP Branches should ring round their membership
  and fill cars and mini-buses for the demo.

• Send the following text to your friends: Hate Preachers Out march!

  Saturday 1st June, 1pm at the junction between
  Woolwich New Road and Gunner Lane, Woolwich SE18 6XN.

  Ignore reports of bans. All patriots welcome.

  Dress smartly, as if for a funeral or in red, white and blue.

  Bring flags, and Branch banners. Alternatively wear
  a ‘Help for Heroes’ T-shirt

Ignore news of bans in the controlled media – even if we are unable to march we will hold a static demonstration.

If you live in Scotland attend the Scottish Defence League protest outside the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh at 13.30 hrs on Saturday 1st June.

The SDL maintain good relations with the BNP.

I’ll be there, in Woolwich, this Saturday to show the Islamic haters and spineless politicians that the British people demand action NOW and that we will continue to protest untill we get it!

Join me in Woolwich and show the World that the British people are strong, defiant and proud.

Lee Rigby gave his life for our country, can you give a day of your time?

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. If you can’t make the demonstraton please send a donation to help our work by calling now on 0844 809 4581, donating online here or write your cheque out to British Heritage and send to PO 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL


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British National Party | PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL

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