Khilafah movement: ‘The revolution in Syria will continue on a knife edge until it achieves the victory’

The Muslim Issue

**WARNING** This is an article from the Khilafah movement (terrorists), demonstrating that the Syria conflict is not any desire for democracy but is indeed saturated with terrorists aiming a coup to create a Caliphate in the region. Khilafah is structured on false pretences of ‘human rights and democracy’.
We have repeatedly insisted the Arab Spring doesn’t exist, but is actually the Arab Winter intending to put radicals in power – country after country – until they create a new singular Caliphate. Western efforts to provide funding and arms to fake rebels is a serious breach of human rights policies, and is a war crime. The West should not provide any funding or arms whatsoever to any Muslim country. The long-term consequences of this is horrific.
There exist no intentions of any democracy, freedom or equality under Islam. Any such claims is mere propaganda and Taqqiyya to get money out of…

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