The UK has allowed Muslim extremism.

This refusal to face facts is precisely why the appeasing British state, desperate to promote cultural diversity, has been so useless in countering Islamic fundamentalism.

The truth is that the phenomenal growth in Britain’s Muslim population has been accompanied by a disturbing rise in lethal Islamic extremism.

Every year the police are foiling at least one terror plot as big as 7/7, while in 2012 the number of arrests of Muslim terror suspects rose by 60 per cent compared with the previous year.

Britain is hardly unique. From Nigeria to Bali the radical adherents of Islam have brought bloodshed, oppression and persecution.

The Madrid train bombing, 9/11, the recent combustible riots in Sweden and the gruesome brutality of the Taliban regime are all symbols of how Islam can foment murderous extremism.

Over the past decade there has not been a single march or demonstration by Muslims against the terrorism carried out in the name of their religion.

Yet when a Danish newspaper published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005 London was brought to a standstill for three weekends in a row by Muslim protests.

More importantly, Muslims could show their willingness to integrate properly into British society by, for instance, respecting our traditions of free speech or by giving up their attachment to sharia law or by refusing to adopt the oppressive, alienating Islamic dress code.

Politicians proclaim that we must not allow the terrorists to divide us. But thanks to mass immigration and multiculturalism our society is already badly divided.

With more than 500,000 foreigners settling here every year, the majority of them from Asia and Africa, many citizens now feel like aliens in their own land.

White Britons are now in a minority in London, Leicester, Slough and Luton.

This trend can only accelerate thanks to the far higher birth rate among migrants and the inevitable influx of eastern Europeans as Romanians and Bulgarians are allowed to move here without any restrictions.

Just as damaging has been the state’s addiction to the dogma of diversity, which in practice encourages migrants to cling to their native culture rather than embracing a British identity.

It is a disastrous process that has fuelled division and segregation, as well as the Islamifi-cation of parts of urban Britain.

That explains why the authorities are so slow to act against Muslim gangs who prey on white girls, or against the grotesque misogyny in many migrant-dominated areas, reflected in the incidence of forced marriages, honour killings or female genital mutilation.

One typical example of this cultural cringe was when West Midlands police suggested that the producers of Channel 4’s Dispatches were guilty of stirring up racial hatred after the broadcast of a documentary on the influence of Islamic hate preachers in Birmingham.

In such a climate of moral surrender it is no wonder that extremists such as Anjem Choudary, linked to one of the Woolwich suspects, feel free to spout their vile propaganda.


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