Send them home

Fellow patriot,

When the horrific news of the ritual slaughter of one of our young British soldiers by Muslim extremists on the streets of Woolwich came through Voice of Freedom #136 had already been printed.

That’s why we changed the front page and did a new print with our clear message: Send them home!

The British National Party knows that Islam is incompatible with British values.

Islam and our civilisation will never mix and Britain’s £12billion a year foreign aid budget must be used to resettle Muslims in their countries of origin.

BNP policy is as simple as it is effective: We bring our soldiers home from Muslim countries – and Muslims leave ours.

It’s commonsense that’s needed to prevent civil war in our country and that’s the message our Voice of Freedom newspaper carries.

It’s vital that the BNP raises a clear, calm and firm voice for British people and delivers the BNP’s message of Hope to counter the controlled media lies.

Only the BNP has the courage to voice uncomfortable, ‘inconvenient’ truths and tackle head on the problem the corrupt political class caused.

You can always trust the BNP to take whatever steps are necessary to protect British identity, security and well-being of our people.


It’s not cheap to reprint a whole run of papers but our people need our message of Hope.

Can you help with a donation?

Whatever you can afford will be an enormous help.

The public have reacted to this latest example of Islamic terror and attack on our people by flocking to the only political party they can trust – the BNP – as well as standing firmly behind patriotic groups such as Help for Heroes.

BNP hotlines have been ringing off the hook since the gruesome and shocking murder of our young British soldier, Lee Rigby.

It shows the British spirit of defiance and solidarity in times of adversity.

This money and your donation will keep us strong in the fight against this Islamic menace and force the cowardly political class into taking action.

Money is the ammunition we need to win this war.

So please donate online here today or call 0844 809 4581 now with your most generous gift.

To donate by cheque please make it payable to British Heritage and posting to PO Box 213, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 7AL

Many thanks for your loyal support – together we’ll get justice for Lee Rigby.

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman

P.S. Subscribe to Voice of Freedom and hear the message that the Establishment want to hide from you. Play your part in building the counter media and help us spread the Truth. Subscription for one year is just £13.95 in the UK. Subscribe to Voice of Freedom online now.


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