The Labour party complicit in treason.

When Margeret Thatcher came to power the Labour party realized they had lost their traditional white working class voters. So when Tony Blair was voted into power – Labour started a plan to stay in power. This plan was to open the floodgates to immigrants from the third world. They let in Murderers, rapists, war criminals they didn’t care as long as the demographics of the inner cities would be changed. They knew poor immigrants would be more likely to vote Labour especially after the Labour councils looked after them so well with free social housing and welfare far much more than they had back in their home lands. Labour encouraged thousands of Muslims to migrate to the UK and never insisted on Visas.

International law requires refugees to claim asylum in the first safe country they enter not travel half way round the world having destroyed their documents. We even had children being put on planes coming to the UK. Between the years 1066 and 1950 England had less than 1 million immigrants. In the years Labour was in power we were getting over 500,000 immigrants a year. This has increased gang crimes and drug dealing, Muslim grooming etc.

Tony Blair should be tried for treason. Even now the Conservatives won’t remove the illegal immigrants and the immigrants often cite Human Rights Laws – the right to a family life. Some have flown into the UK to have babies but refuse to go home or pay for the treatment they have received.

Anybody who votes Labour has only themselves to blame – soon the Muslims will out number the English and then civil war will break out.


2 thoughts on “The Labour party complicit in treason.

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  2. They’ve always been subversive. During the Cold War, they were in the pocket of the KGB.

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