Soft touch UK

A murderer who killed up to 400 people in his homeland has been granted asylum in Britain.

John Thuo, 27, who butchered many of his victims in machete attacks in his native Kenya, has spent a decade living here in rent-free accommodation provided by the National Asylum Support Service.

He is believed to receive an allowance of up to £160 a month from the service, the Home Office unit responsible for asylum seekers’ housing.

Thuo, who was a member of the outlawed Mungiki sect in Kenya, admitted at an immigration tribunal that he killed ‘about 100 to 400 people’.

He also took part in female genital mutilation.

He was granted leave to remain in the UK for three years after an appeal, under the Human Rights Act, to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

He says deporting him would infringe his human rights because he would face execution by the sect on his return.


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