Stop Paedostanis.

Dear adrian,

This past week we were all sickened, again, by the Muslim
grooming scandal that unfolded in Oxford.

Named in the sickening Oxford grooming case, which has just seen
seven Muslims convicted for horrific sexual crimes against white
children, is the Nanford Guest House in Oxford.

A number of victims have stated that they were taken there by
gangs of Muslim perverts where they were raped and abused.

In 2004 owner Jeremiah Cronin was fined £10,500 for food hygiene
offences – he was also fined £22,000 for similar offences in
2001, and £3,800 in 1990 also for breaching food hygiene

Britain First has just started a campaign to get this squalid
establishment closed down.

Every victim in involved in the recent Oxford Muslim grooming
scandal was a young white girl and every guilty paedophile was
a Pakistani, just like the Rochdale cases, just like the
Shropshire cases, just like Blackpool.

All victims white English girls, all perpetrators Pakistani, and
yet NO ONE will admit these sexual attacks are RACIALLY motivated
against our people!
adrian, do you remember our highly provocative but
successful “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” leaflets
and brochures?

These sent shockwaves through council social work departments
across the country because now they have no excuse, they can’t
say they never knew about the Pakistani Grooming epidemic because
we have documented and laid it before their eyes!

You see, INFORMATION is the key and our “Muslim Grooming:
Britain’s Secret Shame” leaflets are the best available and are
shared with other groups FREE but we have no more left!

I am asking you today to lend me a hand to get another batch
printed ASAP.

I can get 100,000 done next week if we can raise the £2,000 to
pay the printer.

I really need you to help me out on this one as we must try to
alert people to what is really going on.

Here is a PDF file of our hard-hitting anti-grooming leaflet:

Can I rely on you? Can I put the order in?

Even £10 would help immensely!

Some patriots are activists, some provide practical support, some
are donors…whatever you are, I plead with you to send an
immediate a donation to secure another print run.

To finance this print run we need £2,000 to pay the printer, the
artwork is already there as he printed the first batch so the
minute we can pay him we can proceed.

My fellow patriot, just think for a moment: YOUR donation will
be a gift to those poor girls and our ignored and victimised
people, a great legacy in this battle to defend our daughters and
granddaughters from the evils of Islamic grooming gangs and
filthy perverts!

In total I need to raise £2,000 this week, just think, if just 20
solid British patriots each gave £100 each or 50 gave £40 we
could get to work immediately.

Will YOU be one who takes a stand for our young women adrian?

I am depending on you to dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice
you can…..even £10 would go a LONG way!

Please send whatever you can straight away.

I need you to stand with me in this campaign:

I would like to thank you in advance for your support, it is
deeply appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

PS. Please send your most generous contribution to get 100,000
anti-Muslim Grooming leaflets printed. It is really crucial to
set the wheels in motion immediately. Please click below:


Britain First, PO Box 119, Swanley, Kent, BR8 9DY
Tel: 0208 914 8212 – Website:
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