Racist attacks

I had to write this personal letter to you today after what has happened this week in Oxford…..again!

Once again we see the brutal rape and exploitation of young British girls by Pakistani perverts being facilitated for years by self loathing, white liberal social workers and council officials!

Some of these white kids AND their parents went to the council social work department and the police repeatedly over the years but no action was taken…..WHY?

I will tell you, everyone was frightened to let the world see that groups like Britain First have been right all along!

These white traitor officials in Oxford preferred letting our young girls suffer unimaginable horrors at the hands of these men rather than let the world know that yet AGAIN a 100% Pakistani grooming gang were targeting and sexually exploiting vulnerable young white girls ONLY!

Even now, after the case, after the guilty verdicts, the Police and Council officials STILL say (in fact it’s the first thing out their mouths in interviews) “these incidents were NOT racist”.

Really, can you believe this garbage?

Seriously, every victim in Oxford was a young white girl and every guilty paedophile was a Pakistani, just like the Rochdale cases, just like the Shropshire cases, just like Blackpool.

Britain FirstAll victims white English girls, all perpetrators Pakistani, and yet NO ONE will admit these sexual attacks are RACIALLY motivated against our people!

Joanna Simons, Chief Executive of Oxford Council since 2005, has presided over years of gross failure which allowed countless children to suffer an unspeakable ordeal at the hands of perverts. Despite this, she insists she will not resign:

We shall see about that my friends!! Watch this space!

Britain First says clearly that: On your watch, all of our children were failed, for you to remain in your job insults every victim who was betrayed.

We will be calling on all of our members and supporters to support our campaign against this PC liberal paedo apologist and race traitor as we demand that Joanna Simons is SACKED as Chief Executive and a full enquiry is launched into this despicable failure to protect vulnerable young girls.

Dear friend, just in case you have not seen the TV news reports please let me brief you on this horrific affair:

Read the following synopsis carefully and calmly and try to imagine if one of the victims was YOUR daughter or granddaughter and then, like me, you will want to take action to help stop this ever being allowed to happen again in OUR Country!


Seven men have been convicted of a horrific catalogue of rape and sexual offences against young girls in and around Oxford.

Between them guilty of numerous offences: Akhtar Dogar, Anjum Dogar, Kamar Jamil, Assad Hussain. Bottom: Mohammed Karrar, Bassam Karrar and Zeeshan Ahmed.

Britain First

The horrors inflicted on white English children, over many years and while the authorities did nothing, are truly sickening. One girl, named Girl D in court, told how she was injected with heroin and sold to groups of Asian men for what she described as “torture sex”.

Repeatedly raped by Mohammed Karrar, and prostituted by him, when she became pregnant she was forced into a backstreet abortion, branded with Karrar’s initials, she said “He was branding me so that if I ever had sex with someone else, people would know I was his.”

Jurors were told that Karrar “felt he was entitled to have sex with her when he wanted and in whatever manner he wanted.”

Girl A attempted to return to her care home – only for a career to refuse to pay her taxi fare, leaving her to be driven back to Oxford where she was raped. She complained to police twice, and a medical examination revealed she had been subjected to “forceful sex” but no-one was charged.

It is believed that there may be over 50 victims, children subjected to a horrific ordeal no child should ever have to suffer.

Catastrophic failings by police and Social Services allowed this nightmare to continue for years, all because white liberals were more interested in covering up for Pakistani paedo’s than defending their own people! A school support worker told the court that nine out of ten social workers knew that children were being groomed and abused by Asian men.

Britain First

One girl told police that Mohammed Karrar had sexually assaulted her in 2005.

Three more victims came forward the following year including one who claimed to have been raped, abused, sold for sex, and treated “like a piece of meat”. Karrar was interviewed but released without charge.

A 14 year old was spotted running from a guesthouse wearing only a towel after being beaten and raped by the gang, who had also injected her with drugs and urinated over her. No charges were brought.

Operation Bullfinch, the police investigation in child sexual grooming in Oxford, continues – more arrests have already been made as further sickening details of horrendous child abuse are revealed.



Can you believe what you have just read? Britain First has been trying to warn people for years that RACIST Pakistani grooming gangs had reached epidemic proportions but the authorities and the Police were more interested in protecting the ‘good name’ of the so-called ‘British Pakistani’ community than dealing with the problem.

Do you remember our highly provocative but successful “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” leaflets and brochures?

These sent shockwaves through council social work departments across the country because now they have no excuse, they can’t say they never knew about the Pakistani Grooming epidemic because we have documented and laid it before their eyes!

Britain FirstIt is no coincident that more and more cases are coming to court as we and other groups are now shinning the spotlight of truth on the dark deeds of these foreign paedo parasites and racists.

You see, INFORMATION is the key and our “Muslim Grooming: Britain’s Secret Shame” leaflets are the best available and are shared with other groups FREE but we have no more left!

I am asking you today to lend me a hand to get another batch printed ASAP.

I can get 100,000 done next week if we can raise the £2,000 to pay the printer.

I really need you to help me out on this one as we must try to alert people to what is really going on.

Here is a PDF file of our hard-hitting anti-grooming leaflet:


Britain FirstCan I rely on you? Can I put the order in? Even £10 would help immensely!

I have put in a couple of hundred and even our volunteers in the office have had a whip round but we need your assistance.

We urgently need your backing for this campaign, and we need it now.

Hundreds of activists stand poised for the coming “fightback”, and if you cannot get involved as an activist on the “front line” then I need you to help provide the “high octane fuel” that will power this campaign.


Some patriots are activists, some provide practical support, some are donors…whatever you are, I plead with you to send an immediate a donation to secure another print run.

To finance this print run we need £2,000 to pay the printer, the artwork is already there as he printed the first batch so the minute we can pay him we can proceed.

My fellow patriot, just think for a moment: YOUR donation will be a gift to those poor girls and our ignored and victimised people, a great legacy in this battle to defend our daughters and granddaughters from the evils of Islamic grooming gangs and filthy perverts!

One day, it might be YOUR family that need our help!


In total I need to raise £2,000 this week, just think, if just 20 solid British patriots each gave £100 each or 50 gave £40 we could get to work immediately.

Will YOU be one who takes a stand for our young women?

Britain FirstI am depending on you to dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can…..even £10 would go a LONG way!

Please send whatever you can straight away.

I need you to respond urgently to this letter…nobody else is going to defend our people…there is no ‘Plan B’!

It’s up to us to stand shoulder to shoulder in defence of OUR people….the Police won’t do it, the Council won’t do it, and sure as hell the lefty PC social workers won’t do it, but together, with YOUR help we can and WILL defend OUR people from these Pakistani paedo groomers.

I need you to stand with me in this campaign:


I would like to thank you in advance for your support, it is deeply appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

Britain First

PS. Please send your most generous contribution to get 100,000 anti-Muslim Grooming leaflets printed in the next 7 days. It is really crucial to set the wheels in motion immediately. Please click below:



Britain First
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Britain First


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