Teaching female genital mutilation to kids.

After our story on the teaching of Female Genital Mutilation to children at St. Werburghs Primary School in Bristol, a concerned patriot contacted us and asked us to do a little digging regarding school meals in the area.

As was pointed out – and you can see from the image – every day has an halal option and a non-halal option – though each day it’s the same meal eg. ‘halal beef brisket’ and then ‘beef brisket’


Could it be that both meals were in fact using halal meat sourced from halal slaughter, a trick that wouldn’t be surprising given the amount of schools where everything is halal and number of supermarkets pulling the same sick deception?


We’re happy to report that for once the concerns are unfounded.


halal_bristolAfter contacting Eden, the company who supplies school meals for St. Werburghs and numerous other schools in the area, we were informed that:


“Halal meat is only used on the halal dishes where stated on the menu all other meat is British Red Tractor Farm Assured meat, for example where roast beef is available the traditional item would be cooked from fresh on site in the school using the Red Tractor Farm Assured meat, the halal option (again Roast Beef) would have been produced in our central Halal production unit following the guidelines in respect of this method and then blast frozen and transported in temperature controlled vehicles to the school this is then finally regenerated in the Kitchen from where it would be served.”


Though our kids are being forced to learn about Female Genital Mutilation in Bristol, at least it seems that they’re not being hoodwinked into eating halal.


Many thanks to Eden for their quick and clear response to our questions.



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