Crime in the UK.

In Victorian England crime was almost none existent you could be hanged at Tyburn for committing minor crimes. In 2003 Norfork has the lowest crime rate and a population make-up of 95 percent white British. Dagenham has the highest crime rate, white British are an ethnic minority and illegal African migrants in the majority. A lot of black men get a women pregnant but don’t stick around for the child but move onto the next gullible women. The young black youths have no father figures so turn to gangs and drug dealing. They idolize the get rich ethos of the gangsta rap music they listen to. All they want is to get rich and it does not matter how many people they hurt to achieve this. They are not intelligent enough to study hard and become a lawyer or engineer. We have city’s now in the UK where Jews cannot walk home at night without fear of being attacked by Muslim immigrants yet the media says nothing about this. The solutions are simple send all the illegal African migrants back home, crime is bound to increase as production jobs become more automated and therefore less work to be had. Any Muslim immigrant who preaches hate or attacks Jews should be deported.


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