Why have people voted UKIP?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hailed early gains in council elections across England as “remarkable” for the party.

UKIP has won 74 seats so far and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing.

Mr Farage said it put his party in a “very strong position” in the run-up to the next general election.

The Conservatives have lost control of three councils, but retained five, while Labour made modest gains in the Midlands and the south of England.

Contests are taking place in 27 English county councils and seven unitary authorities, as well as in Anglesey. About 2,300 council seats are up for grabs in England, in a major mid-term test for the coalition government.

Compared with 2009, when these seats were last fought, the Conservative share of the vote is down by 9% and the Lib Dems are down by 12%. The Labour share is up by 7%, but it is still five points lower than it was in 2005. UKIP has seen the biggest boost, with its vote share up by 13%.

Most people don’t believe the Government will give them a referendum on leaving the EU. All those under 50 years of age have never had a say on Europe even though the EU has changed beyond all recognition. Human rights laws stop us sending criminals back home and deporting terrorists. Immigration has lead to English people being an ethnic minority in cities like London and Leicester. Immigration has lowered the average wage a worker can now get making it very hard for those of us with mortgages to find a job that pays the bills. Foreigners can work for less because when they return home their money can buy them a lot more in their home countries. They even get child benefit for children back in Poland etc and proper checks are not being done. I know of a Polish women who has two homes in Poland and lots of money in the bank yet still gets UK welfare.

Immigration has caused overcrowded schools, a rise in crime, English children being held back at school due to immigrants children not speaking English. Immigration means more farm land has to be concreted over for housing – soon we won’t be self sufficient in food. Concreting over the land causing the rain to run off and gives rise to flooding. England is simply over populated for the size of the country. Refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country yet they pass through safe lands to get to the UK because of our welfare system. Foreigners also use our NHS like an International Health Service. We need to return all these economic migrants back to their home lands. England used to have an empire now we are the slaves of a federal EU. Asylum seekers get fully furnished homes, free TV license, free phone calls and winter fuel allowance. It is no wonder they head to the UK when they probably come from some village that washes, shits and drinks from the same river. They must see the UK as an Elderado – I don’t blame immigrants for coming here just the politicians who let this rabble into our country. Politicians only meet educated ethnic people they don’t have to live next door to Africans who smoke pot, dump rubbish loose in the refuge sheds and not in black bags etc.


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