Keep up the good work, Commissioner Kelly. USA

On April 5th, The Wall Street Journal Weekend Interview profiled New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

  Despite lower crime rates and no successful terrorist attack during his tenure, Kelly has been under attack for tactics some characterize as too aggressive or a violation of civil rights.

Here’s an excerpt from that Weekend Interview column:


  Media reports have suggested that his department unfairly monitors the Muslim community—the Associated Press ran a Pulitzer Prize-winning series on that score in 2011. Asked what he has changed about the NYPD’s surveillance methods in the wake of those stories, Mr. Kelly says: “Nothing.”

Good for him! In an era when many politicians and leaders in law enforcement cower in the face of political correctness and are spooked by even the mention of the word “Islamophobia,” Ray Kelly stands tall as a breath of fresh air.

So here are TWO THUMBS WAY UP in support of Mr. Kelly’s courage and just plain common sense.

Keep up the good work, Commissioner Kelly.


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