He is laughing at us.

Dear Adrian,

Home Secretary Theresa May has lost her appeal against a court ruling preventing the deportation of extremist preacher and suspected Al Qaeda operative Abu Qatada.

Following this ridiculous decision, he was returned to prison following an alleged bail breach on 9 March.

Whether he is in prison, or living at our expense in a free house, he always costs is a fortune the parasite.

This hate-filled Islamic fanatic is once again living in luxury at YOUR expense.

Then we have hordes of Muslim rape gangs defiling our young girls all over the country, Islamic ‘no go areas’ in many of our cities complete with bearded vigilantes enforcing their medieval laws on local British citizens, and nobody lifts a finger!

We are losing our country my friend!

Will you just sit and take, or will you fight back like your forefathers did?

Britain FirstI understand there is a recession raging at the moment, but the campaign to ensure our children’s future and our nation’s survival continues regardless!

I must ask you two important questions:

Is our country worth £1 a week to you?

Are our children worth £1 a week to you?

I want you, Adrian, to sign up to a ‘Patriot’s Pledge’ for just £4 per month that will empower the Britain First movement to take action on behalf of our beleaguered people.

Can you find it within your heart to sacrifice a paltry £4 per month for your country?

If you cannot volunteer as an activist pounding the streets giving out leaflets and canvassing our people for support, then will you help provide the resources our frontline activists so desperately need?

When you sign up, £4 will be debited from your card every month (via ultra-secure PayPal) and will provide the regular funding our activists need to execute our campaigns and spread our message of hope and salvation for our long suffering nation.

BFEvery penny generously donated will be wisely spent on our campaigns!

Help build a secure future for our people by signing up to a ‘Patriot’s Pledge’, today!

The whole process is super easy and takes no longer than 2 minutes!

This system is NOT a ‘Direct Debit’ so if you miss a payment you will NOT be charged.

To sign up today Adrian, please click on the link below:


I would like to thank you in advance for your support, it is deeply appreciated.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

PS: If you cannot sign up to a Patriot’s Pledge, for whatever reason, please consider giving a one-off donation (via ultra-secure PayPal) to help fund our campaigns and our expansion plans. Please click below:


Britain First
Joined yet? Call 0208 914 8212 TODAY!
Britain First

Britain First, PO Box 119, Swanley, Kent, BR8 9DY – 0208 914 8212 – (C) Britannia Campaigning Ltd
(Reg NI607513), Centre house, 79 Chichester Street, Belfast, BT1 4JE – Unsubscribe


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