Forced to eat Halal

Larkswood Primary School, Chingford, where only 10% of pupils are Muslim, is to switch to serving only halal meat beginning in mid-April.

Non-Muslim pupils? No choice, if they want meat then they’re getting meat which is slaughtered in the barbaric halal fashion and has Muslim prayers said over it.

Parents have, quite understandably, reacted with fury.

Tina Hill, whose 8 year old son attends the school, is quoted by local media saying that:

“Why should their views be forced on us? I think it’s disgusting. I do not want my child eating food which has been slaughtered in this way and blessed.

“I am so angry about it I would consider taking my son out of Larkswood.”

Other parents have stated that they were strongly against the plans but feared being branded as racist if they spoke out.

halal_mainComments from un-named parents include “I think it’s unfair when it’s only a small minority of the school who are Muslim” and “I am very angry about it and I will stop my child having hot school dinners if they do go ahead with this. I’ll give him a packed lunch instead.”

Headteacher Lynne Harrowell, totally dismissing the concern of non-Muslim parents, responded with the idiot statement that:

“Most of New Zealand lamb is Halal, as is the meat in many restaurants and fast food places like KFC. Many people are very aware that most of us eat Halal meat.”

That makes it fine then, non-Muslims should just eat halal and shut up moaning then!

Sadly that attitude is prevalent among officialdom – Muslims must get what they demand, non-Muslims can just like it or lump it.

Muslims get a choice, they get what they want – we get no choice.

Coming soon to a school near you. It won’t be long before halal is the only option wherever our children eat.

The Islamification of Britain continues, our children are to be forced to eat halal in school after school or go without.

Anyone concerned at halal food being forced on non-Muslim children can contact Larkswood Primary School on:

020 8529 4979 (8.30 to 16.30 Monday to Friday)

Please remember to be polite and courteous at all times should you choose to contact the school.

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