Militant Islam is on the rise again,

Militant Islam is on the rise again, right here in Britain. It is time to nail our colours to the fence and make a stand. Just this week, audience members at a public debate at University College London (UCL) were told to enter the debating chamber through two separate entrances – set aside for men and women.

Event organisers from the ‘Islamic Education and Research Academy’ then demanded that women to sit at the back, while men and couples were allowed to sit at the front.

The debate was on the subject of ‘Islam Or Atheism: Which Makes More Sense?’


‘Disgraceful episode’

The segregation was only relaxed when the atheist speaker walked out of the debating chamber in disgust, only returning when he had been told by staff that they would abandon attempts to separate the audience according to gender.

One student was later quoted as saying “After having been told the event would NOT be gender segregated, we arrived and were told that women were to sit in the back of the auditorium, while men and couples could file into the front.

Props to Dr Krauss for standing up for his beliefs, especially in such a biased environment!”

Is this ‘normal’ behaviour? … Not on my watch

A spokesman dor iERA defended their decision, saying that separation was normal at Islamic events.

Is this the future you want for your grandchildren? Islamic law enforced upon us, demanding segregation and separation.

Now is the time to say enough is enough. It is not ‘Islamophobic’ to stand up for decent values. Islamic law has no place in Britain, and we in the BNP must be the voice of the people.

Your donation today will help make a difference for Britain tomorrow; with your help we can ensure that our message reaches far and wide. Can you gift us a donation of £100 to help stop the spread of militant Islam? If a gift of £100 is too much today, could you spare £75, £30 or £5?

Militant Islam has no place in Britain, and, with your help, we can build the strong BNP who will oppose it.


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