Sharia law in the USA

Did you know that in the past several years there have been over 50 court cases in America where sharia law was applied?

Most Americans don’t know this—including those in politics, the media and academia.

Consider the words of Muzammil Siddiqi, Chairman of the Fiqh Council of North America, exhorting his followers to be politically active:

  We must not forget that Allah’s rules must be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction. (Pakistan Link, 10/18/1996)


Or the words of CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad:

  Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America. (San Ramon Valley Herald, 7/4/1998)

Wouldn’t you agree that we should take Muslim leaders like Siddiqi and Ahmad at their word? That we should take this threat seriously?


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