Abu Qatada

Fellow patriot,

Hot on the heels of the arrest of Abu Qatada for breaking his bail conditions, united patriots from several organisations joined forces under the leadership of the English Volunteer Force (EVF) at the weekend and held a demonstration near his home address in London.

The protest featured a large presence at the edge of the 500 metre perimeter set down by the High Court in their recent injunction, which drew an enormous flood of goodwill, beeps and thumbs up from the passing motorists.

Activists from Britain First, the English Volunteer Force, the South East Alliance, the Casuals, the English Defence League, and several more, joined forces under the banner of the English National Resistance, an association for unity among patriotic groups.

Several media outlets were in attendance, among others, Sky News.

The demonstration ended in a rally and saw speeches from Paul Pitt and I before singing the national anthem.

The Britain First web team have produced a great video of Saturday’s demonstration, that can be viewed by clicking on the link/image below:

Britain First

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Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First

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