Wages in the UK are too low.

If you have children you need to save 30K for each child to afford to send them to University. You need to save 10K to cover your funeral expenses. You need to save for your retirement and possible nursing home fees. You need to save up at least 50K to put a deposit down on a home unless you intend to rent which will eat up most of your wage. So how can the Government justify a £7 per hour minimum wage?

What is annoying is that some folks are given free social housing and never work. They get full rents paid by housing benefit. They get all their repairs done by the council for free. They get free school meals for their children.

Council tax should be about the services you use. So those with no children should not have to pay for schools but those with children should. Also you should be charged for the litter you as a family produce.


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