UK Asylum?

International law requires refugees to seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. So why are we giving asylum to people who have passed through safe lands? They are just economic migrants often destroying documents to avoid deportation.

The Home Office Tenancy Agreement requires all landlords who home asylum seekers to provide them with a fully furnished home. The asylum seekers get help with winter fuel bills from the local councils. Asylum seekers also get a free TV license and free telephone calls back home. It is no wonder they see this country as an Eldorado when back in Africa they don’t even get welfare or social housing.

The tenet of Multi-Culturism says that all cultures are equal but how can cultures that practice honour killings and female genital mutilation and ritual slaughter of animals be equal to our British culture?

We have seen areas of the UK turned into Muslim ghettoes. Pubs are being closed down and turned into Mosques as drinking alcohol is anti-Islamic. Young white women are being sexually groomed and old white people in Asian neighbourhoods being victimised so they sell up their homes and move out. Welcome to apartheid UK.

I have African families now living above and below myself; they get help with their rents through Housing Benefits. Ironically I have had to put my flat up for sale because the only help I get is my mortgage interest paid. It is impossible to find the rest of my mortgage out of my JSA.

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