The Welfare cap.

Call Me Dave repeatedly challenged Mister Ed in the Commons this week to agree that families on welfare should not be better off than those who go out to work. Answer came there none.

Labour is still refusing to support Government plans to cap benefits at £26,000 a year — equivalent to the average annual household income.

Opposition MPs again voted en masse against the reforms, which have been thrown out of the House of Lords by a holier-than-thou alliance of Labour peers and bolshie bishops.

It now looks as if ministers will wheel out a rarely used constitutional battering ram to force the Bill through Parliament in time for it to become law by April next year.

Cameron has already watered down the plans, by offering concessions such as a nine-month grace period for those who have recently lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and setting up a £130 million transitional fund to help families who have to move house because they can no longer afford the rent.

But he insists, quite rightly, that the headline £26,000 figure (£500 a week tax-free) is non-negotiable. A working family would have to earn £35,000 before tax to take home that amount.

Millions of people on low and fixed incomes have to live on far less, which is why these proposals enjoy widespread public support.

In my opinion the cap should only be £18K a year as only Graduates earn more than this amount. We need to stop the freeloading culture.


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