Fellow patriot,

Recently, Britain First/English National Resistance was forced to cancel a major demonstration at the taxpayer-funded home of Al-Qaeda hate-preacher Abu Qatada because a notorious leftwing legal firm dragged us into the High Court and managed to secure an injunction to stop us (no surprise there!)

This was, in fact, a TEMPORARY injunction – the full hearing to decide whether it will be a permanent injunction has been set: the 21st of February, at the Royal Courts of Justice in central London.


The first hearing was a foregone conclusion, because the legal firm acting on behalf of Abu Qatada pounced on us at the last minute, leaving us grossly unprepared for their sneak attack!

Figure this: As a taxpayer, YOU are prevented from going anywhere near a house that you are PERSONALLY paying for, because a hostile Islamic terrorist is using YOUR money to pay a gang of traitors to destroy YOUR democratic rights!

This is a disgusting outrage that we intend to fight to the bitter end!

However, I have received legal papers over the last few days that have seriously increased the gravity of the situation!


Britain FirstBelieve it or not, but the legal firm acting on behalf of Abu Qatada’s family are now demanding that we pay them “DAMAGES”!

Yes, you read that right: THEY WANT US TO PAY THEM DAMAGES!

If they are successful, the court costs alone will run into the thousands!

I’m personally gobsmacked that this can happen in the country of my forefathers: that we can be prevented from exercising our democratic right to protest against a foreign terrorist, despite paying his rent, and benefits, he is also using OUR money to clamp down on our free speech….and despite all of OUR money he is wasting, he wants us to pay HIM damages!

Well, if they want a showdown, they can have one….I joined this movement when I was 17 years old and I have never backed down since to the enemies of our country, not once, and I will not roll over for the likes of Abu Qatada!


Britain FirstI need your help to even the odds this time round: we have 10 days to prepare our defence, and last time I was sat in the High Court No.37 holding a scrap of paper with some hurriedly written bullet points (yes, we had that little time to prepare!), and the legal firm representing Qatada had a whole team of barristers, researchers and boxes of files to fight his case….this time I want things to be different!

Please chip in to our “Defence Fund” – don’t let Qatada trample on YOUR rights:

Just imagine, for a moment, if we are successful: the judge overrules the injunction (pictured right) and throws out the claim for “damages”…what a day of victory for the patriotic resistance that would be!

We would have pulled off a triumph of epic proportions and struck a blow for Britannia and her people!


Britain FirstIf we are defeated, then not only will a Muslim Al-Qaeda terrorist have beaten us into submission (using our money) but our native civil rights, our freedom, our liberty, would have been crushed as well…this truly is history in the making, we CANNOT be defeated!

I appeal for your help today because we need £2,100 to cover the costs involved in fighting such a high profile battle in the High Court.

Please chip in to our “Defence Fund” – don’t let Qatada trample on YOUR rights:

£2,100 is actually a paltry sum compared to the REAL costs of preparing an appropriate legal defence at this level, but thankfully I have secured the services of several sympathetic barristers who will work for a fraction of their usual cost, simply because they appreciate the scale of the dilemma and task facing us!


I urgently need your help today to get the wheels moving on our battle plans!

The target we need to reach is not astronomical, and even if you gave a £10 donation it would help immensely!

Think about it: if 25 dedicated patriots gave just £84, we would smash our target and be able to fight Qatada on a level playing field in the High Court….are you one of those patriots?

I understand there is a recession raging at the moment, but the fight to ensure our children’s future continues regardless!

Please chip in to our “Defence Fund” – don’t let Qatada trample on YOUR rights:

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First


Britain First
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Britain First

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