The UK is now the number one choice for migrants not surprising when we even pay welfare for their children back in their home lands. Migration is running at over 500,000 migrants a year. How long can we sustain this rate? It will get worse when Bulgarians and Romanians are free to come to the UK? We pay a fortune in translation services for migrants. It is almost impossible now to get a decent job that pays thanks to all the Polish and Somali workers working for low wages. Immigration only benefits the multi-nationals who get cheap Labour and off course M.P’s who get kick backs from these company’s. Our roads are over crowded, we have Sharia Law been forced on us. We can’t build enough housing as this would destroy our farmland that we need to feed our people. Asylum seekers get fully furnished homes, free TV license and free telephone calls – no wonder they head here and pass through safe lands without claiming asylum as they are required to do by International law. English children are now an Ethnic minority in some areas and being held back at school as teachers have to devote more time to migrant children who don’t understand English.


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