Fellow patriot,

Following on the back of the first demonstration in December outside the new (taxpayer funded) home of Abu Qatada, Britain First Chairman Paul Golding has called a new demonstration for Saturday 2nd February outside Abu Qatada’s house in North West London.

But this time, it will not be a flash demo that is unannounced, this time we are preparing for a full scale mobilisation of all of our activists, and I would like to invite you personally to this important event!

This is the bottom line: We will NEVER stop this campaign UNTIL Qatada has been booted out of Britain!

We will NEVER stop our demos outside his taxpayer-funded houses, and we will NEVER stop exposing and publishing his every address…we intend to make his life a misery!

This is one of those times when we need all of our supporters to close ranks and help OUR movement to take the next step along the road to national salvation!

More details will be released nearer the time, but if you wish to take part in this important demonstration, please email:

In the meantime, please save the demo image above onto your computer and upload it to your Facebook wall to help spread the message!

Yours sincerely
Andy McBride
Deputy Chairman

Britain First
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Britain First

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