The EU law Right to a family life.

A judge ruled that an illegal immigrant who had started a relationship with a UK women and had a cat had the right to stay in the UK because this indicated a family life which is protected by the EU ruling – Right to a family life. In my opinion the illegal immigrant, his girl friend and cat should all be deported back to his country of origin.

The judges are also giving prisoners some murderers free IVF treatment under the EU law -Right to a family life. Prisoners should have no rights and should not get TV, X boxes or meals better than you get in hospital.

Alfred Kryemadhi was found guilty of wounding a man in what a judge described as a “fearsome, brutal” attack and was successfully returned to his home country of Kosovo by immigration officers.

But just a month later he slipped back into Britain and reunited himself with his wife. She subsequently obtained British citizenship for herself and her children by telling officials that she had separated from her husband – a claim now found by a judge to have been a “fundamental untruth”.

Yet Kryemadhi went on to launch legal action to stay in the UK on the basis of his children’s citizenship.

Now a senior immigration judge has ruled that his right to a “family life”, enshrined in British law, trumps the Home Secretary’s desire to deport him again, which the judge said was “disproportionate”.

It is believed to be the first time judges have allowed a foreign offender who had previously been deported to stay in the country despite re-entering illegally.


One thought on “The EU law Right to a family life.

  1. I dont agree with many of your musings, BUT this I do agree…. This is a travesty & one that shows clearly why we need to leave the EU poste haste….

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