The UK and our open-door immigration policy

An immigrant is arriving in the UK every second. Half the population of Londonistan were born overseas. I have seen a copy of the Home Office Joint Tennancy agreement so it is no wonder so many come here and claim asylum when they get so much. Yet the International Law states that refugees must seek asylum in the first safe country they enter. Why have we allowed so many Somali’s etc who have travelled all the way up Africa and across Europe to live here? We are allowing in so many people on a Visa when we really should be training our own people to do the jobs that are needed instead or robbing other countries of Doctors etc.

Immigration is ruining our country – we are full up, our roads and schools are hardly coping with the strain. We also allow health tourists to use our NHS for free without proper checks.

I am also annoyed that so many people in rented accomodation who are unemployed get their full rents paid by Housing Benefit. I think welfare should be changed so that they are expected to contribute something towards their rents out of the JSA they get. I know too many people mainly English who just sit on the dole in free council housing and never work.
Even Abu Qatada gets to live in a free half a million pound home.

Yet people like myself who have worked only get my mortgage interest paid in times of unemployment. My mortage company is expecting me to pay the rest of my mortgage out of my JSA. This is almost impossible to do.

I have found work as a xmas casual at Royal Mail for a couple of weeks but when I catch the bus to Swan Valley, I must be one of the only English people on the bus. The bus is full of mainly Poles, Asians and Africans.


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